Vatch AI

AI Customer Service Agent

⚡ Instant Onboarding

Share your files, websites, etc., and Vatch AI will be instantly ready to answer customer questions.

💯 Never Miss a Call

Vatch AI can automatically scale to handle your call load without putting customers on hold.

🕰️ Available 24/7

Unlike human agents, Vatch AI is available around the clock to assist your customers.

📚 Trained on Your Data

Vatch AI can be trained on your files, data, and more!

🤑 Pay-Per-Use

Vatch AI only charges you per-minute of usage, unlike human agents who need to be paid by the hour.

⏰ Long Conversations

Vatch AI can talk for hours and assist with complex customer queries.

⛓️ Take Actions

Vatch AI can take actions on its own - like sending emails, transferring calls, etc. depending on customer needs.

🗣️ Realistic Voice

We offer a range of realistic-sounding voices

🌎 Multilingual

Vatch AI can talk in English and Hindi - two of the most widely spoken languages.

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